A Guide to Finding the right care

Our guide explains both the types of care and the potential funding routes available. It also includes a handy step by step guide to help you source the best complex care company for you or your loved one.

Complex Care​

At home

Overwhelmingly most people, young or old, with complex care needs say, “I want to live at home.”  Rightly so, because being at home improves well-being and enables you or someone you love to be part of family life, go to school, socialise and even return to work.  So, finding the right care, which you have confidence in is essential to achieving this.

Infants / Children

Complex Care

For many parents having their child cared for at home whether they have a long-term illness, condition, disability or sensory impairment means they can be part of their family.  It offers them and their family a greater sense of normality and freedom.

Ocean Healthcare’s nurse-led care teams have over 30 years of experience in caring for children from degenerative and congenital conditions through to spinal cord injuries. 

Our approach is to always put the child at the centre of everything we do and consider all aspects of their care not just the needs of their condition this includes supporting other family members and enabling them to lead as normal a life as possible.

Young People

Complex Care

As young people grow they want to explore, have fun and spend time with other people outside of their family.  Having complex health needs can make this more challenging but with some planning anything is possible.

At Ocean Healthcare we focus on not just a young person’s medical needs but enable them in their educational, social and emotional requirements.  We support them as they move through their teenage years and onto becoming adults and to achieve greater independence. 

Our experienced team are specialists the in care of adolescents, teenagers and young people which have a huge range of complicated medical or mental health needs.

Adults and Older People

Complex Care

If you, your spouse, a parent or another adult family member has complex medical or mental health needs, and they or you don’t want them to move into a formal care setting, then we can help.

Our care teams provide professional, safe and effective care for people suffering from long term conditions, mobility issues, spinal injuries, medication support through to dementia care or in-home palliative care.

We handle situations at home with compassion and understanding of the difficulties involved for all members of the family, and as such, will always deliver the best quality care service available.


Our Team Understand

Our experienced care teams understand the many unique challenges of caring for someone with complex care needs. In this video, Cathy, Director of Care, talks about how our services meet those needs and enable people to live more meaningful and fulfilling lives at home.

Why Choose Us

Ocean Healthcare is run by a highly experienced team of Nurses, managers and carers.  Our senior team have over 130 years of experience which spans from paediatric through to dementia and end of life care. 

We work in conjunction with both the NHS as well as private clients and are passionate about ensuring that each person we support receives the highest quality complex care services in their own homes. To achieve this our carers’ work to the highest standards of care.  They are all supported with continual updates on the latest best practice and training.

If you would like to know more about how we could support you or someone you know book a discovery call today.