Benefits Of Care
At Home

Overwhelmingly, most people with complex care
needs want to live as normal a life as possible at
home alongside their loved ones. Receiving care at
home means they can spend more time with family
and have stronger bonds but there are lots of other
benefits too including:

  • Closer relationships to family, siblings, friends
    and even pets.
  • Privacy and dignity enhanced.
  • Familiar surroundings and routines.
  • Allows a person to live a more independent life.
  • Provides one-to-one care from professional carers.
  • Flexibility to choose the kind of care you receive and how often.
  • Personalised care plans that can change with your needs.
  • Being at home tends to be calmer with less disruptions.
  • A regular team who you know.
  • It can significantly improve quality of life.
  • Allow you to socialise and attend education, work and clubs.

We Love Caring
Effective Nurse-led
Complex Care Services

Our Complex Care Team provide high quality, nurse-led care for all ages including infants, children, teenagers and adults (including elderly). Mostly in home environments but also in other settings.