The Ocean carers are brilliant, we know she is safe, with knowledgeable 1-1 care all night.
Helen Smith

Urinary or bowel

It can be stressful living with a condition which affects your bladder or bowel and it can impact on others areas of everyday life. Continence needs can vary greatly depending on the medical conditions and the person’s level of independence. Being able to manage care of a catheter, bowel or stoma is important in enabling someone to live independently and happily at home.

At Ocean Healthcare we provide care for people, of all ages, with a range of medical needs that have bladder and bowel conditions and issues.  Our nurse-led teams are also trained to detect early signs of potential complications such as autonomic dysreflexia as well as providing specialist skills such as digital stimulation as required.

Care for a person with bladder,
bowel or stoma care

Our approach is person-centred so we will build a care plan around the needs of the individual.  Our nurse-led care team will work with a person’s healthcare professionals and dieticians to ensure their care plan has detailed and up to date information around their care regime.  This will then be regularly reviewed and adapted to reflects any changes in their care.  

However, caring for someone is not just about their clinical needs, it includes giving them confidence and supporting them to achieve personal ambitions whether that’s big goals or simply taking part in daily activities. We believe our role is to care for the whole person so they can live their best life.

Please do book a call or get in touch with us if you have a loved one
that you are looking for care for in the Devon area.

Benefits of living at home

Being at home in your own environment has lots of benefits as it enables someone to have greater social interaction and independence. Other benefits include:

  • Staying close to family, siblings, friends and pet.
  • Comfort of being at home and the privacy this provides.
  • Allows more independent living.
  • Professional, regular care team who you know.
  • Flexibility to choose how often and the kind of care you receive.
  • Personalised care plans that can change with your needs.
  • Calmer more peaceful surroundings.
  • Allow you to socialise and attend education, work and clubs.