His dementia was getting worse and we didn’t want him to go into care home.

Compassionate palliative and end-of-life support

When someone reaches the end of their life they often want to be at home in familiar surroundings and with their loved ones. We can provide palliative and end of life care for as long or as short as required 24/7 or around other care provisions such as family.

Within our complex care team we have specially trained end of life carers who are trained to provide palliative care and support to the person along with emotional support for them and their family and friends. Ultimately, our aim is to provide the care and support that enables someone to live as comfortably as possible within their own home. 

Round the clock palliative and
end-of-life support at home

At Ocean Healthcare, we deliver person-centred care for palliative and end-of-life support that respects the individual’s personal preferences and wishes.  We also take into consideration the person’s physical, psychological and spiritual needs so as to ensure their final days are as full or as peaceful as they want them to be.

Our nurse-led care teams will liaise with family throughout and are on hand to answer any questions and to provide comfort and care according to the individual end-of-life support plan.

Please do book a call or get in touch with us if you have a loved one
that you are looking for care for in the Devon area.

Benefits of end-of-life palliative care at Home

  • Maintains relative comfort in a familiar home surrounding.
  • Allows regular contact with family, siblings, friends and pets.
  • Provides a safe space for the natural grieving process to occur for all involved.
  • Contact hours are not limited by hospital or institution regulations.
  • Quality at home care can still be provided by healthcare workers who have full end-of-life support training.
  • Flexibility to choose the kind of care you receive and how often.
  • The individual’s home environment is much quieter and more peaceful.
  • Allows an individual more independence while they are still able to experience it.
  • Become familiar and bond with a regular team of healthcare staff.