Aims & Objectives

Ocean Healthcare is committed to delivering high-quality, safe, responsive, effective, and well-led complex personal and nurse-led services to individuals in the Southwest of England. We also aim to provide enriching and rewarding work opportunities to our healthcare team and unite everyone behind a vision to establish an exceptional care service.


Our philosophy is “Live Happy, Care Well,” emphasizing a values-based approach to nurturing and developing our workforce while caring for our service users. We believe this approach leads to happier, safe, and well-cared-for individuals.

Regulated Services

We provide the following regulated activities:

  1. Personal Care
  2. Treatment, Disorder, and Injury


Service Types

Our services include:

Domiciliary Care Services Including Those Provided for Children (DCC)

CQC Service User Bands

We provide care services to the following user groups:

  • Caring For Children Aged 0-18 years
  • Caring For Adults under 65
  • Caring For Adults Over 65
  • Mental Health Conditions
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Physical Disabilities
  • Dementia
  • Sensory Impairments

Supporting Our Service Users

We support our service users most effectively by:

Starting Well: Understanding their needs and expectations from the outset.

Caring Well: Selecting and training the right healthcare workers and ensuring proper induction and training processes.

Responding: Delivering flexible, attentive, and person-centred care.

Respect: Prioritising the needs and values of service users, avoiding discrimination.

Matching: Ensuring compatibility and comfort between service users and care workers.

Managing Well: Efficiently and effectively managing the care service. Our supervision and management staff actively maintain a strong and transparent presence, ensuring clear, regular, and open communication.

Inclusivity: Inclusivity is at the core of our approach, actively engaging service users, their families, and care experts to collaboratively shape and guide the care service, amplifying the patient voice in our decision-making processes.

Listening: Actively seeking and welcoming feedback and complaints. 

Supporting Our Care Team

We serve our workforce well by:

Good Selection: Recruiting individuals who are a good fit for our organization.

Starting Well: Clarifying expectations and providing robust induction and training.

Living Happy: Promoting a positive work environment and culture.

Checking In: Regularly reviewing performance and providing support.

Respect: Valuing the uniqueness of our workforce.

Support: Providing access to guidance and support for confident decision-making.

Nature of Services Provided

We provide care to individuals of all ages with complex care requirements, delivered by skilled healthcare professionals under the supervision of trained nurses. Our focus is on maximizing health and well-being while promoting personal freedoms and community engagement.

Examples of Specialized Care:

Children with physical and mental health conditions requiring hospital-level care at home.

Individuals with learning disabilities and associated healthcare needs.

Palliative care for children and adults, alongside local hospices.

Spinal cord injuries, including Autonomic Dysreflexia and neurogenic bowel care.

Older people with various care and support needs.

Drug and alcohol support for individuals with dependency and mental health needs.

Safe Service

We ensure the safety of our service by following CQC guidance, ensuring care management and training adheres to professional guidelines, seeking feedback, maintaining appropriate records, managing risks effectively, adhering to safety policies, and conducting thorough checks on staff qualifications and background.

Effective Service

We ensure the effectiveness of our service by providing training, creating personalized care plans and risk assessments, involving individuals in their care, and conducting regular quality assurance checks.

Caring Service

We provide a caring service by ensuring that our care workers provide support with kindness, dignity, respect, and compassion. We respect individual choices and preferences, involve individuals in care planning, and maintain confidentiality.

Responsive Service

Our service is responsive by involving individuals in developing their care plans, using personalized and strengths-based approaches, connecting individuals with their communities, and addressing issues promptly. We ensure no discrimination and provide adequate equipment and support.

Well-led Service

We lead our service effectively through a registered manager, care team managers, and senior management who empower and support our workforce. We have a culture of openness, transparency, respect, and personal responsibility. Regular quality assurance checks and collaboration with partner organizations ensure continuous improvement.

Leadership & Management Qualifications & Experience

Registered Manager: Cathy Ellingford – Registered General and Paediatric Nurse with over 30 years of clinical leadership, management, and commissioning experience.

Nominated Individual: Paul Insley – Pharmacist, Managing Director

Workforce Qualifications & Experience

We select and train our workforce carefully, ensuring they have the right skills and experience. Staff undergo DBS checks, reference checks, and induction training. Specialized training is provided according to need.

Comments, Compliments & Complaints

We encourage feedback and take it seriously. We have a structured process for handling complaints and strive to resolve them promptly and satisfactorily. Our goal is to continuously improve our services while maintaining transparency and accountability. Complainants have the option to escalate their complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman if needed.

CQC Contact Information: Care Quality Commission (CQC)

National Correspondence, Citygate, Gallowgate, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4PA

Telephone: 03000 616161 Web:

Local Social Service Department and Case Manager: Contact information available upon request.